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Location: South Africa, Pretoria, Cape Town, Hoedspruit
Price: Hoedspruit from ZAR 9,995 & Cape Town from ZAR 16,430
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Starts: Pretoria

Ends: Hoedspruit or Cape Town

Tour Code : BTA01

Rates: Hoedspruit from ZAR 9,995 & Cape Town from ZAR 16,430

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  • Kings and presidents have indulged on this magnificent, moving five-star “hotel-on-wheels”. From love-struck honeymooners, to adulated celebrities. And even ordinary folk who romanticise about a life of spectacular luxury, a life that has seemed tantalisingly out of reach. Until now… Welcome aboard The Blue Train. Your unforgettable experience is about to begin…
  • As time meandered from the 19th Century towards the dawn of the new era, a dream was born. A dream of harnessing steam technology to link Africa’s vast south to north, around the awe-inspiring mountain ranges that dot the continent, through the apparently arid desert landscapes, over untamed savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife. From the Cape all the way to Cairo… all of this on parallel lines of tempered steel. It is from this dream that The Blue Train was born. Cairo was never to be, but the dreamers persevered and The Blue Train now traverses South Africa  and its breath-taking scenery in a manner that befits the mystique that has grown around it.


    Emanating from a fantasy of travelling from Africa’s southern- to northern most tips, The Blue Train was steam-rolled into being in the 1920s. The two original trains, known then as the Union Limited and the Union Express, meandered their way as far as the Great African Railway would allow – a bridge straddling the Zambezi River, showered by the “thunderous smoke” of the Victoria Falls – a trip taken by Former State President, Thabo Mbeki in 1998.
    As news of the discovery of gold and diamonds travelled afar, thousands flocked to South Africa’s Witwatersrand – Ridge of White Waters – with a dream of digging their way to untold riches. The railway lines became utilitarian, ferrying society on the move. But the ridge’s mineral wealth soon funded a burgeoning upper-class, one that came to expect a more opulent mode of transport. And the Union carriages became standard-bearers of the easy-living heyday of the 1920s, boasting everything from card tables to ceiling fans, to hot and cold water on tap.
    After being pressed into military service during World War II and then reincarnated in 1946, the trains’ distinctive royal blue and cream shades gave rise to “those blue trains” intimations. It was in these shades that a legend was born, that The Blue Train would soon ride the rails to legend.
    A carriage-by-carriage refurbishment in the 70s and modernisation from steam to electricity and diesel in the 90s, defined this train as an unmatched experience of luxurious modern travel, and yet invoked the romance and history of its glittered past.



    There are two Blue Train sets – simply referred to as Train Set 1 and Train Set 2. The former can accommodate a maximum of 52 guests and is available for use during charters. Train Set 2 is the weekly “schedule” train running between Pretoria and Cape Town. It accommodates a maximum of 80 guests and includes a paraplegic suite and a Conference Car.

    Each of the two trains consist of a Baggage Van, Power Car, Personnel Car, Club and Lounge Cars, Kitchen and De Luxe and Luxury accommodation coaches.


  • 2018 Dates & Rates:

    01 September 2018 – 15 November 2018

    01 January – 31 August 2018 & 16 November – 31 December 2018

    Please note new seasons and rate per person sharing

    Suite type Low season High season
    Luxury Double rate per person sharing R 20 080.00 R 25 615.00
    Luxury Single rate including Supplement R 30 870.00 R 38 420.00
    De Luxe Double per person sharing R 16 430.00 R 20 280.00
    De Luxe Single rate including Supplement R 24 645.00 R 30 415.00

    Please note rate per person sharing

    Suite type
    Luxury Double rate per person sharing R 11 595.00
    Luxury Single rate including Supplement R 17 390.00
    De Luxe Double per person sharing R 9 995.00
    De Luxe Single rate including Supplement R 14 990.00