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Namibia & Botswana Overland Tour
Duration: 2 Weeks
Location: Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe
Price: 2018 Rates from ZAR 19,950 pp & Activity Package ZAR 19,120 pp. 2019 Rates from ZAR 25,950 & Activity Package ZAR 1,640 pp
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Starts: Swakopmund

Ends:   Victoria Falls

Group size: Max 18

Tour Code : NOMA04

Single Supplement : 2018 Rate from ZAR 3,900 & 2019 Rate from ZAR 4,770

Safari Vehicle Type: Overland Adventure Truck


Our tour begins in the adventure capital of Namibia, Swakopmund, where you can try your hand at quadbiking, sandboarding and skydiving. If you’re in the mood to explore, you can take your time and admire the architecture and quaint shops or take a scenic flight over the coastal town. Heading inland, we visit a community of Himba people before arriving in Etosha National Park for a unique opportunity to see the desert elephants of Namibia. After visiting Windhoek, the next highlight of the tour is a two night expedition to the Okavango Delta in Botswana before heading to Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls.

    • Trained guides on every safari
    • Custom built Overland vehicle for maximum comfort and ease
    • The very best of Namibia and Botswana
    • Green seats are available to offset your carbon emissions
    • This safari is also available in smaller groups (at a higher rate) or as a camping option
  • 14 Day Namibia & Botswana Overland Tour – Accommodated:

    Day 1 – Swakopmund
    After meeting your guides, you will have the rest of the day to explore or participate in one of the many activities available here. Most popular activities are quad biking in the dunes or tandem skydiving. Taking a walk around Swakopmund’s shops and having a leisurely lunch is also a great way to spend your day.
    Meals:No meals included
    AccommodationTwo Per Room: Gruner Kranz Courtyard OR Amampuri OR Stay@Swakop
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Bar, Laundry, Wireless Internet & Restaurant
    Optional Activity:Sky Diving, Sandboarding, Quad Biking (2 hours), Dinner Out Swakopmund

    Day 2 – Khorixas, Swakopmund to Khorixas ±320 km
    Today we head inland towards Khorixas, stopping en-route at Spitzkoppe, where we will enjoy some time exploring the enormous granite monoliths with our guide. In the afternoon we will visit the Petrified Forest (might be done the following morning).
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Igowati Lodge
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet & Curio-shop
    Included highlight: Visit the Petrified Forest & Spitzkoppe

    Day 3 – Kamanjab – Himba Tribe, Khorixas to Outjo ±135 km
    We visit a Himba community close to Kamanjab where you will have an opportunity to interact with the people who live there. This is a working village and is only a representation of a larger group of ic pastoralists. The semi-ic Himba people are extremely susceptible to Western influence and have lost a large portion of their land to farmers, engineers, miners and many were displaces during the wars that raged in Angola. The dwindling number of pastoralists that still exist in their natural environment are protected as far as possible by creating a “buffer zone”, or an “educational tribe” where tourists who would like to get a better understanding of the way of the Himba, their lifestyle and their traditions, can do so without interfering with those still living in their natural environment. Visiting the Himba tribe can be a controversial topic that gets discussed at the camp fire, however not so much if the reason for visiting this particular tribe is understood beforehand. The income that this specific tribe generates from the visits goes towards the education of orphaned Himba children and assists the tribe in giving them a chance to learn about their own culture and heritage. There is a market at the end of your visit, this is a way for the women to establish a small income, used for their own private expenses, and it is up to you whether you’d like to purchase anything or not.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Etotongwe
    Facilities: En-suites Per Room, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet, Restaurant & Shop
    Activity Package: Himba Tribe Visit

    Day 4 – Etosha National Park, Outjo to Etosha National Park ±170 km
    The open plains of the Etosha National Park allows for spectacular elevated game viewing from our truck whilst on game drives. Our overnight stops, which boasts floodlit night water holes, are situated inside the park.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Namutoni OR Okaukuejo OR Halali
    Facilities: En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Waterhole, Drinkable Water & Shop
    Included highlight: Afternoon game drive in Overland truck

    Etosha National Park
    Etosha Pan National Park is a large endorheic salt pan which forms part of the Kalahari basin. It is a 120 km long dry lake bed, which is protected by the Etosha National Park home to some of the most phenomenal game viewing in the world. One of the elements that make the Etosha National park tours so memorable is that the camps sites within the park are built on the edge of water holes, so you can spend peaceful evenings with good company as the sun goes down watching the animals come down to the waterhole to drink. On the Etosha National Park tour we will take you on several game drives that utilise an elevated truck to provide the best possible game viewing. There are optional night drives for you to take part in, and although they are not included in the Etosha National Park tours they are highly recommended. The optional game drives are taken with expert guides who have an abundance of local knowledge. The Etosha Pan is a truly beautiful and unique place with game viewing that you will not see anywhere else in the world, the facilities are world class to make for a comfortable and memorable stay. The natural beauty and abundant wildlife will provide countless photo opportunities to make your friends jealous. Game viewing can never be offered with guarantees, as you are dealing with wild animals you can never be certain of how they will behave. We can guarantee that on our Etosha Pan national park tours you will meet people and have experiences with them that will form the basis of lifelong friendships.

    Day 5 – Etosha National Park
    Etosha is the venue for some of the most unique game viewing experiences in Africa. The sparse grasslands allow great opportunities to see animals normally hidden in dense vegetation. You may even see some of the amazing animals crossing the road in front of your truck! We will go on various game drives and spend our evenings at the abundant waterholes for some excellent game photography.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Namutoni OR Okaukuejo OR Halali
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Drinkable Water & Shared Ablutions
    Included Highlight:Full day game drive in Overland truck

    Day 6 – Windhoek, Etosha National Park to Windhoek ±450 km
    After an early morning game drive we set off towards Windhoek, the Capital city of Namibia. On the way we stop at a popular craft market where you can barter for handmade gifts to take home. Windhoek is not only the capital; it is also the cultural, social and economic centre of Namibia. On arrival in Windhoek our guide will take us on a short drive through Windhoek in our truck. Joe’s Beer House is an exciting dining experience for our optional dinner out.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Arebbusch Travel Lodge
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet, Laundry & Restaurant
    Included highlight:Drive through Windhoek with the Overland truck, Craft market stop en-route
    Optional Activity:Dinner Out Windhoek

    Namibia is one of Africa’s most beautiful regions – the desert landscape is a photographer’s dream; known for its sweeping, red-gold dunes, sparse vegetation and abundant wildlife. Windhoek is one of the country’s busiest cities – known for its alluring diversity and cosmopolitan feel, the metropolis attracts myriad visitors each year. Tours to Namibia are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the area’s vibrant culture and heritage. Wander through the town and gaze at an array of stately buildings, including the impressive parliament buildings and Hero’s Acre. If you’re historically inclined, then ensure that you pop into the plethora of museums on offer, including the National Library and National Art Gallery. If you’re in need of some rest and rejuvenation, then visit the serene National Botanical Gardens to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the gorgeous grounds. Botanists will delight in the numerous plant species on offer which attract plenty of exquisite insects and prolific bird life. Windhoek is a captivating blend of African and European influences – the country gained independence in 1990 and exudes its own unique character and charm. With a reputation for being extremely safe and well-cared for, this is a place where you can wander around without feeling insecure and anxious. Make sure that your itinerary includes a trip to the smallest functioning cathedral in Southern Africa – St Georges, and look out for Das Reiterdankmal – a towering bronze sculpture of a horse commemorating those lost in colonial wars. Stroll down Robert Mugabe Avenue to admire Alte Feste – one of the city’s oldest buildings that was built in 1890. Once military headquarters, today, it serves as an intriguing state museum, housing an array of memorabilia that commemorates Namibia’s journey to independence. If you have little ones, then make sure that you visit the delightful Zoo Park which is an ideal hot spot for picnics. With a pond and a playground on offer, the beautiful park is sure to be a hit with your kids. Windhoek is an ideal place for families – with a reputation for being a close-knit, friendly community, the city has a host of amenities on offer for young and old alike. If you’re embarking on Windhoek tours, then make sure you see as many of the impressive, historically significant sites as possible.

    Day 7 – Botswana – Ghanzi, Windhoek to Ghanzi ±520 km
    After an early start, we say goodbye to Namibia and cross the Botswana border. Later we arrive at our lodge in Ghanzi and this evening we experience some traditional tribal dancing from the local San community.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Ghanzi Trail Blazers
    Facilities: En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Included Highlight: Bushman Tribal dance in evening
    Optional Activity:Bushman Walk

    Bushman – San People
    The Bushmen of Southern Africa are the oldest indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa and have lived off the land in symbiosis for hundreds of years. They have much to offer our modern way of living in terms of a sustainable existence with nature. Bushmen tours give you the opportunity to interact with this fascinating culture and get a true understanding of how they have survived in the harsh environment through an understanding of nature. The San people have inhabited large parts of Southern Africa including the regions and deserts of southern Namibia. They are known colloquially as bushmen, this however is a broad term used to describe indigenous people of Southern Africa, the people native to the area that our bushmen tours stop in have, however, developed a way of life that is as unique. Our tours into Namibia are renowned as some of the most rewarding you can do, yet they can be so much more rewarding by taking part in one of the bushmen adventures with tours. Learning about local culture is an important aspect of travelling to any country. Many of Namibian overland tours offer the opportunity to interact with a traditional village of San people that still live very much the way that they did many generations ago. It is not included in the tours and needs to be decided on before-hand. Some people feel it is unethical to treat the villagers as a spectacle however it provides an education for the visitors and much needed funding for the conservation of the area and their way of life.

    Day 8 – Maun – Okavango Delta, Ghanzi to Maun ±350 km
    Today we journey to the outback town of Maun. The afternoon is spent relaxing and preparing for our adventure into the Okavango Delta.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Sitatunga
    Facilities: En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar & Laundry

    Please note: If you have not purchased the Activity Package you will stay at the accommodation in Maun during the Delta Excursion on the next two following days.

    Maun, the fifth largest town in Botswana, is known as the tourism capital and the gateway to the Okavango Delta. It is an eclectic contrast of modern buildings and traditional huts. Now home to over 30 000people, the town was founded in 1915 as the tribal capital of the Batawana people. It originally serviced the local cattle ranching and hunting operations of the area, and had a reputation as a hard-living ‘Wild West’ town. With the growth of the tourism industry and the completion of the tar road from Nata in the early 1990s, Maun developed swiftly, losing much of its old town character. However, it is still infamous for its infestation of donkeys and to lesser extent, goats. These animals can be seen wandering around freely as the local farmers arrive in the innumerable taxis to sell their wares on the kerbside. With the influx of tourism dollars, the typical traditional rondavels (round huts) of the past have been replaced by square but modestly sized cinderblock homes roofed with tin, or sometimes tiles. It is not unusual to see mud rondavels with satellite dishes, attesting to the increasing affluence of Botswana, and the increasing reliability of power and communications in the town. This striking contrast of the traditional and the modern is also evident in the multi-level air-conditioned shopping centres incongruously surrounded by potholes, dusty parking lots and lively market places.

    The Okavango Delta
    The Okavango Delta is Botswana’s most popular tourist destination. Every year, more than 11 cubic kilometers of water flow from the Okavango River into the Delta, irrigating more than 15 000 square kilometres of the Kalahari Desert, making it the largest inland delta in the world. Here, you’ll find yourself exploring a lush paradise home to Africa’s most beautiful wildlife and bird species while submersing yourself in pure tranquillity and an African landscape unlike any other. Exploring the Okavango Delta is a must for any tourist visiting Botswana. Here, you’ll have an endless list of activities to participate in, truly making the most of your time in this paradise. Boat trips, canoeing and fly-overs are among the most popular, however you can also go fishing and walking safaris depending on the time of year. As the Okavango is a seasonal delta, you’ll find yourself facing a different environment during the summer and winter months. The rain falls at the beginning of the year. The Moremi Game Reserve can be found on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, however many others smaller, private lodges can be found in others parts, each of which offers guests a unique and exclusive experience. The favourite time of year to visit is during its dry season, just after the rains have fallen, as your days will be dry and warm (during the summer season the rains fall almost constantly and the temperatures can soar above 40°C.) Explore the beautiful region of the Okavango Delta with Tours and see it’s beautiful wildlife, landscapes and be enchanted by its relaxed atmosphere and people

    Day 9 – Okavango Delta, Maun to Okavango Delta ±30 min flight
    In the morning we board our planes and head into the Delta. After a wonderful scenic flight we arrive at our base for the next two days. During your time in the Delta we enjoy the best nature has to offer. We go on nature walks and explore the Delta by mokoro traditional canoe (water level dependant). The Delta is truly spectacular and an unforgettable experience as the wild animals here are not used to people. Simply sitting and relaxing often results in rewarding bird or game viewing. Please note: if you have not purchased the Activity Package you will stay at the accommodation in Maun for the following 2 days
    Accommodation: Meru Tent: Oddballs or Moremi Crossing
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Activity Package: Okavango Delta Excursion (Accommodated)
    Luggage Restriction: 10kg luggage per person, no bottled water allowed on flight, can be purchased at Moremi Crossing. Delta Air require the individual weight of all guests and their luggage prior to check-in as they have recently implemented new safety regulations for the flight into and out of the Okavango Delta. Please take no offence to this as it is done for guests safety only.

    Day 10 – Okavango Delta
    Today we will continue exploring the Okavango Delta by mokoro (traditional canoe) and enjoy a nature walk.
    Accommodation:Permanent Tents: Oddballs or Moremi Crossing
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Optional Activity:Tips for Polers

    Day 11 – Nata, Maun to Nata ±230 km
    We leave the Delta behind us and travel east towards the town of Nata, near the Makgadikgadi Pans. This afternoon you will have the opportunity to participate in a 3-hour Game Drive to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. You will board the open roof 4×4 vehicles and travel through the Nata Bird Sanctuary, which sits within the awe-aspiring vastness of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The pans are home to 165 different species of birds, including pelicans, spoonbills, eagles, ostriches and flamingos, that make the Sanctuary their home at different times of the year according to their migratory behaviour.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Nata Lodge or Pelican Lodge
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Activity Package:Visit to the Nata Pans

    Day 12 – Chobe National Park, Nata to Kasane ±315 km
    After continuing north to Kasane, we enjoy a sunset river cruise on the Chobe River (in the National Park) where animals such as hippos, buffalo and elephants are plentiful.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Thebe River Lodge
    Facilities: En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar & Internet
    Activity Package: Chobe National Park Boat Cruise
    Optional Activity: Chobe National Park Game Drive

    Chobe National Park
    The Chobe National Park is situated in the north west of Botswana and is undoubtedly the country’s most beautiful and popular nature and game reserve. It has one of the largest cnocentrations of wildlife in Africa, making it an ideal location for African safaris and is the third largest park in Botswana, after the Central Kalahari game Reserve and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Chobe National Park can be divided up into four sections, making it a true rarity and an explorers paradise. It can be divided up into the Serondela area, Savuti Marsh area, the Linyanti Marsh and the dry hinterland. Wherever you go in the park, you’ll be able to observe a variety of wild animals and bird life, and can even explore an area in search of a specific animals or bird. There is an incredibly large elephant population in the Chobe National Park; tours through the park will show you some of the park’s 120 000 elephants. Travel with us, and prepare to be enchanted and amazed by the abundance of wildlife in the park; embark on a sunset cruise, take the perfect wildlife photographs and watch a family of elephants playing in a waterhole.

    Day 13 – Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls, Kasane to Victoria Falls ±100 km
    On arrival in Victoria Falls we have time to plan the next day’s adventure activities before we visit the spectacular Victoria Falls and experience the thundering of the mighty Zambezi as it drops over 100m into the gorge below.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: A’Zambezi
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Swimming Pool, Bar, Laundry, Curio-shop, Wireless Internet & Restaurant
    Activity Package:Vic Falls National Park Entry
    Optional Activity:Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Dinner Out Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls
    Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most beautiful treasures. They border Zimbabwe and Zambia and are the region’s most visited tourist hotspot. The falls are by no means the world’s biggest waterfall, however their length and the vast volume of water which find its way to the falls via the Zambezi river makes them the world’s largest waterfall. Victoria Falls was names after Queen Victoria by the first European explorer who set their sights on them, David Livingston, however up until then, and still today locally, the falls were known to be The Smoke That Thunders, “Mosi-oa-Tunya”. The entire volume of water of the Zambezi travels into Victoria Falls, flowing into its first gorge, creating a spectacle and a true sight to be seen. In fact, you don’t even have to be close by to the falls. Aptly getting its name as The Smoke That Thunders, the falls spray water into the air which can be seen for miles, including in the surrounding game reserves and national parks. Victoria Falls safaris are among the most popular activities to participate in when visiting the falls. Guests can embark on bush safaris – on foot, horseback or in a vehicle – and embark on a Zambezi cruise along the waters before the falls. While on these Victoria Falls safaris guests will have the chance to see crocodiles, hippos and other African wildlife. 

    Day 14 – Victoria Falls
    Although your tour officially ends after breakfast, most people will spend the day White Water Rafting, a not-to-be-missed experience of a lifetime! Vic Falls offers many exciting activities so we recommend you add a post-tour night here.
    Accommodation:Own Arrangements / Post tour accommodation can be booked through us
    Optional Activity:Morning Tram & Bridge Tour, Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Bungee Jump – Solo, Helicopter Flights, Full Day White Water Rafting


    Activity Package:
    This is an optional payment that covers what we consider to be ‘essential activities’ on our tours. Ideally we would include all of these, but not everyone can afford this. This payment is 100% transparent and is listed below. The Activity Package can be pre-purchased prior to your arrival or through your guide on day 1 of your tour. However, we recommend to pre book and pre pay this to ensure room availability in the Okavango Delta.

    Activity Country Price
    Himba Tribe Visit Namibia ZAR350
    Okavango Delta Excursion (Accommodated) Botswana ZAR9950
    Visit to the Nata Pans Botswana ZAR400
    Chobe National Park Boat Cruise Botswana ZAR550
    Vic Falls National Park Entry Zimbabwe ZAR390
    Total (AP Price) ZAR11640


    This itinerary has been written with the Activity Package items included. If you wish to participate in all the activities listed, you will need to purchase the Activity Package.




    There are more optional activities being created every day – we have listed only the most popular. If there is something specific you would like to do then speak to your guide as they will be able to assist you if possible.

    Activity Country Price
    Dolphin Cruise 4/5 hours Namibia From ZAR550 to ZAR650
    Sky Diving Namibia From ZAR2300 to ZAR2600
    Sandboarding Namibia From ZAR350 to ZAR550
    Quad Biking (2 hours) Namibia From ZAR600 to ZAR700
    Dinner Out Swakopmund Namibia From ZAR80 to ZAR150
    Dinner Out Windhoek Namibia From ZAR80 to ZAR150
    Bushman Walk (May take place on previous day) Botswana From BWP80 to BWP90
    Tips for Polers Botswana Clients Discretion
    3 hour photographic Boat Safari (includes usage of DSLR Camera, refreshments) Botswana From $120 to $360
    Chobe National Park Game Drive Botswana From $40 to $50
    Dinner Out Victoria Falls Zimbabwe From $20 to $50
    Zambezi Sunset Cruise Zimbabwe From $ 90 to $ 100
    Bungee Jump – Solo Zimbabwe From $ 155 to $ 175
    Helicopter Flights Zimbabwe From $150 to $175
    White Water Rafting Zimbabwe From $145 to $160


    What’s included:

    • Meals as indicated on the itinerary (unless otherwise specified, all meals are prepared and served at the Overland truck),
    • accommodation,
    • registered guides
    • and transport.
    • We also include some of the highlights. These highlights are listed below in the day-by-day descriptions as “included highlights”.


    What’s excluded:

    • All items of a personal nature,
    • alcohol, soft drinks,bottled water, snacks,
    • souvenirs, tips,
    • activity package and optional activities (see list for an indication of prices).
  • GTD – Guaranteed Departures:
    Accommodated Rates – 2018: From ZAR 19,950 pps & Activity Package ZAR 19,120 pp
    GTD – Guaranteed Departures:

    GTD 09-May-18 01-Jun-18
    12-May-18 25-May-18
    GTD 16-May-18 29-May-18
    19-May-18 01-Jun-18
    GTD 23-May-18 05-Jun-18
    26-May-18 08-Jun-18
    GTD 30-May-18 12-Jun-18
    02-Jun-18 15-Jun-18
    GTD 06-Jun-18 19-Jun-18
    09-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
    GTD 13-Jun-18 26-Jun-18
    16-Jun-18 29-Jun-18
    GTD 20-Jun-18 03-Jul-18
    30-Dec-17 12-Jan-18
    GTD 23-Jun-18 06-Jul-18
    27-Jun-18 10-Jul-18
    GTD 27-Jun-18 10-Jul-18
    30-Jun-18 13-Jul-18
    GTD 04-Jul-18 17-Jul-18
    07-Jul-18 20-Jul-18
    GTD 11-Jul-18 24-Jul-18
    14-Jul-18 27-Jul-18
    GTD 18-Jul-18 31-Jul-18
    21-Jul-18 03-Aug-18
    GTD 25-Jul-18 07-Aug-18
    28-Jul-18 10-Aug-18
    GTD 01-Aug-18 14-Aug-18
    04-Aug-18 17-Aug-18
    GTD 08-Aug-18 21-Aug-18
    11-Aug-18 24-Aug-18
    GTD 15-Aug-18 28-Aug-18
    18-Aug-18 31-Aug-18
    GTD 22-Aug-18 04-Sep-18
    25-Aug-18 07-Sep-18
    GTD 29-Aug-18 11-Sep-18
    01-Sep-18 14-Sep-18
    GTD 05-Sep-18 18-Sep-18
    08-Sep-18 21-Sep-18
    GTD 12-Sep-18 25-Sep-18
    15-Sep-18 28-Sep-18
     GTD 19-Sep-18 02-Oct-18
    22-Sep-18 05-Oct-18
     GTD 26-Sep-18 09-Oct-18
    29-Sep-18 12-Oct-18
     GTD 03-Oct-18 16-Oct-18
    06-Oct-18 19-Oct-18
    GTD 10-Oct-18 23-Oct-18
    13-Oct-18 26-Oct-18
    GTD 17-Oct-18 30-Oct-18
    20-Oct-18 02-Nov-18
    GTD 24-Oct-18 06-Nov-18
    27-Oct-18 09-Nov-18
    GTD 31-Oct-18 13-Nov-18
    03-Nov-18 16-Nov-18
     GTD 07-Nov-18 20-Nov-18
    10-Nov-18 23-Nov-18
    GTD 14-Nov-18 27-Nov-18
    17-Nov-18 30-Nov-18
    GTD 21-Nov-18 04-Dec-18
    24-Nov-18 07-Dec-18
    GTD 28-Nov-18 11-Dec-18
    01-Dec-18 14-Dec-18
    GTD 05-Dec-18 18-Dec-18
    08-Dec-18 21-Dec-18
    GTD 12-Dec-18 25-Dec-18
    15-Dec-18 28-Dec-18
    GTD 19-Dec-18 01-Jan-19
    22-Dec-18 04-Jan-19
    GTD 26-Dec-18 08-Jan-19
    29-Dec-18 11-Jan-19

    Accommodated Rates – 2019: From ZAR 25,950 pps & Activity Package ZAR 1,640 pp
    GTD – Guaranteed Departures:

    GTD 02-Jan-19 15-Jan-19
    05-Jan-19 18-Jan-19
    GER 09-Jan-19 20-Jan-19
    13-Jan-19 24-Jan-19
    GTD 16-Jan-19 27-Jan-19
    20-Jan-19 31-Jan-19
    23-Jan-19 03-Feb-19
    GTD/GER 27-Jan-19 07-Feb-19
    30-Jan-19 10-Feb-19
    GTD 06-Feb-19 17-Feb-19
    10-Feb-19 21-Feb-19
    GER 13-Feb-19 24-Feb-19
    GTD 17-Feb-19 28-Feb-19
    20-Feb-19 03-Mar-19
    24-Feb-19 07-Mar-19
    GTD 27-Feb-19 10-Mar-19
    06-Mar-19 17-Mar-19
    GTD 10-Mar-19 21-Mar-19
    13-Mar-19 24-Mar-19
    17-Mar-19 28-Mar-19
    GTD/GER 20-Mar-19 31-Mar-19
    24-Mar-19 04-Apr-19
    27-Mar-19 07-Apr-19
    03-Apr-19 14-Apr-19
    GER 07-Apr-19 18-Apr-19
    GTD 10-Apr-19 21-Apr-19
    14-Apr-19 25-Apr-19
    17-Apr-19 28-Apr-19
    GTD 21-Apr-19 02-May-19
    GER 24-Apr-19 05-May-19
    GTD 01-May-19 12-May-19
    05-May-19 16-May-19
    08-May-19 19-May-19
    GTD/GER 12-May-19 23-May-19
    15-May-19 26-May-19
    19-May-19 30-May-19
    GTD 22-May-19 02-Jun-19
    GER 29-May-19 08-Jun-19
    GTD 02-Jun-19 13-Jun-19
    05-Jun-19 16-Jun-19
    09-Jun-19 20-Jun-19
    GTD 12-Jun-19 23-Jun-19
    GER 16-Jun-19 27-Jun-19
    19-Jun-19 30-Jun-19
    26-Jun-19 07-Jul-19
    30-Jun-19 11-Jul-19
    GTD/GER 03-Jul-19 14-Jul-19
    07-Jul-19 18-Jul-19
    10-Jul-19 21-Jul-19
    GTD 14-Jul-19 25-Jul-19
    17-Jul-19 28-Jul-19
    GTD 24-Jul-19 04-Aug-19
    28-Jul-19 08-Aug-19
    ITA 31-Jul-19 11-Aug-19
    GTD 04-Aug-19 15-Aug-19
    GER 07-Aug-19 18-Aug-19
    11-Aug-19 22-Aug-19
    GTD 14-Aug-19 25-Aug-19
    21-Aug-19 01-Sep-19
    GTD/GER 25-Aug-19 05-Sep-19
    28-Aug-19 08-Sep-19
    01-Sep-19 12-Sep-19
    GTD 04-Sep-19 15-Aug-19
    08-Sep-19 19-Sep-19
    GER 11-Sep-19 22-Sep-19
    18-Sep-19 29-Sep-19
    22-Sep-19 03-Oct-19
    GTD 25-Sep-19 06-Oct-19
     GER 29-Sep-19 10-Oct-19
    02-Oct-19 13-Oct-19
    GTD 06-Oct-19 17-Oct-19
    09-Oct-19 20-Oct-19
    GTD/GER 16-Oct-19 27-Oct-19
    20-Oct-19 31-Oct-19
    23-Oct-19 03-Nov-19
    GTD 27-Oct-19 07-Nov-19
    30-Oct-19 10-Nov-19
    GER 03-Nov-19 14-Nov-19
    06-Nov-19 17-Nov-19
    13-Nov-19 24-Nov-19
    GTD 17-Nov-19 28-Nov-19
    GER 20-Nov-19 01-Dec-19
    24-Nov-19 05-Dec-19
    GTD 27-Nov-19 08-Dec-19
    01-Dec-19 12-Dec-19
    04-Dec-19 15-Dec-19
    11-Dec-19 22-Dec-19
    15-Dec-19 26-Dec-19
    GTD 18-Dec-19 29-Dec-19
    22-Dec-19 02-Jan-20
    GER 25-Dec-19 05-Jan-20
    GTD 29-Dec-19 09-Jan-20