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Mozambique camping safari
Duration: 2 Weeks
Location: South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique
Price: 2018 Rate from ZAR 18,350 pps and Activity Package ZAR 3,600 pp
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Starts: Johannesburg

Ends: Johannesburg

Group size: Max 18

Tour Code : NOM05

Safari Vehicle Type: Adventure Truck

Single Supplement:  2018 Rate ZAR 2,260


Walk with rhinos and on deserted beaches. We will whisk you away from Johannesburg to the surfing mecca of Tofo where you can swim with whale sharks and dive with manta rays. On the way there we travel through emerald-hilled and game rich Swaziland. Once we’ve passed Tofo, we continue to the Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique where you will take an overnight dhow safari and snorkel in aquarium like conditions. Don’t forget to gorge yourself on ocean fresh seafood while sitting on a white sand beach. Heading south, we catch up with the big five in Kruger National Park.

    • Trained crew and specialised vehicle
    • A perfect combination of adventure, wildlife and relaxation
    • This safari is also available in a smaller group option or as an accommodated trip (for a higher rate)
  • 14 Day Mozambique & Kruger National Camping Safari:

    Day 1 – South Africa – Panorama Route, Johannesburg to Timbavati ±480 km
    Leaving Johannesburg we travel towards the Panorama Route one of South Africa’s most scenic drives. The Panorama route consists of Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Blyde River Canyon including God’s Window and Three Rondavels. This evening we will enjoy a traditional Shangaan Dinner with dancing.
    Meals: Lunch/Dinner
    Accommodation:Camp: Timbavati Safari Lodge
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet, Laundry, Shop & Shared Ablutions
    Included Highlights:South African Dinner & Traditional Dancing, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window

    The city of Johannesburg is the business hub of South Africa. Everything here is faster than anywhere else in Africa, something this city has prided itself on ever since the gold rush – being home of the world’s richest gold fields back in the day. This get-a-head attitude has made it an economic powerhouse and the wealthiest city boasting African soil. The streets of Johannesburg boast a rich historical background while its suburbs are home to some of the savviest businessmen in Africa. However, it’s not all about business in this economic terrain and Johannesburg offers a wealth of sights for visitors including the beautiful Kruger National Park, Emmerentia Dam and the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden. It’s also home to the world renowned Sun City, the popular Gold Reef City and the Blyde River Canyon. Most visitors embark on tours to Johannesburg to take in the sites of the townships. Soweto in particular offers fantastic opportunities for township tours as well as a glimpse into South Africa’s history. The Apartheid Museum is also part of these tours and delves visitors to Johannesburg into South Africa’s past. Johannesburg’s Sandton is also the sight of the best shopping ground in South Africa with shopping malls offering all the latest and hottest haute couture and labels seen on the world’s catwalks.

    Panorama Route:
    The Panorama Route tour is home to breathtaking views and some of the most spectacular landscapes. The route in Mpumalanga is well known for its cultural heritage as well as its dramatic scenery. The Panorama Route is the road that we use as the final leg on our trip to Johannesburg and this means that you get to end your adventure tour on a sightseeing high, witnessing some of South Africa’s greatest natural wonders. The Panorama route is home to the Blyde River canyon which is the third largest canyon in the world and the largest green canyon in the world (unlike it’s Fish River Canyon counterpart which to the untrained eye seems barren). It is situated at the Northern end of the Drakensberg and offers phenomenal views over the Klein Drakensberg. The Blyde River canyon is situated in a National Reserve and as such is unspoilt by development and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Another highlight of  the Panorama Route tour is God’s Window, a viewing spot on the escarpment of the Drakensberg with panoramic views across the Lowveld and more breathtaking views of the lush indigenous forested ravine 900m below. There is no doubt as to why it is called God’s Window. The Panorama Route adventure also stops for you to appreciate Bourke’s Luck Potholes. This is one of the famous viewpoints and a great place for you to stretch your legs along the Panorama Route, and is also home to a beautiful and strange natural phenomenon. Over centuries the river water has eroded the rocks to form perfectly smooth potholes and strange sculptures. A visit to South Africa would not be complete without a drive along the Panorama route to experience some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery in the world.

    Bourke’s Luck Potholes
    The meeting place of two rivers and the beginning of the Blyde River Canyon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes have left many gazing in sheer wonder at the spectacular patterns and rock formations left behind after centuries of water erosion. Bourke was the surname of a man who made claim to this area in the hopes that he would find lots of gold here. Unfortunately, his guess work was not accurate enough and he missed out on a large reserve of gold just South of where his claim had been made.Where the Blyde and Treur Rivers meet, craggy cliffs drop down into cylindrical potholes bubbling over into waterfalls and waterslides. On a Tour, you can take a walk through the smaller holes and dip your feet in the water before it crashed down into the crevasse below. The erosion carvings leave behind a more resistant skeleton of rock resembling giant vertebrae in orange and brown. The view from the pedestrian bridges allows you a better view back up into the cliff faces where you can see how over time, the water and the sediment has taken it’s toll on the granite rock surfaces. Once you’ve seen the amazing rock formations, make your way up to the picnic area where there are also a lot of vendors and traders where you can pick up some great souvenirs to take home with you.

    Blyde River Canyon
    Imagine you are at the top of the third largest canyon in the world. As you follow the winding path, you have to stop and stare in wonder at the astonishing panoramic views below, as the sheer edges of the cliff drop down 800m into the river below. Lush scenery abounds, a vision of rich reds, greens, yellows and blues, and as you look out through God’s Window, you feel lucky to be alive and to be able to bear witness to such incredible beauty. The Blyde River Canyon is a must see on everyone’s travel itinerary, and the viewpoints overlooking the Blyde River and Klein Drakensberg escarpment won’t disappoint. Blyde River Canyon Reserve is situated close to Kruger National Park and stretches over 29 000 hectares. Joining , you have an ideal opportunity to discover two of the most beautiful places on earth – ranging from the rich vegetation and spectacular wildlife of Kruger National Park, to the exceptional beauty of the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. The famous Panorama Route overland tour takes you on a meander around the canyon, which lies against the Greater Drakensberg escarpment. God’s Window is just one of many viewpoints along the canyon trail. The famous Three Rondavels are three massive spirals of towering dolomite rock, which surge out of the far wall of the Blyde River Canyon. It looks like someone has taken a paint brush and splashed the rocks in vibrant oranges and greens due to the moss and lichen growing on them. The natural phenomenon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, is located where the Blyde River (meaning river of joy) and the Treur River (river of sorrow) join. Whether they are tears of joy or tears of sorrow, over thousands of years, the churning water has carved odd-shaped sculptures in the stone. The beautiful rocks are a wonder, and their rich colours set against the flowing water, is a sight not to be missed. Various antelope species, including the rare Oribi, hide in the grassland, while rock rabbits (hyrax) bask in the sunshine on the rocky outcrops of the canyon. Blyde River supports an abundance of animals and reptiles, with a rich variety of landscapes to suit each creature’s requirements. Otters play in the river, and bird lovers will smile as water birds glide past above them. More than 1000 floral species, many of which are endemic, will tantalise nature lovers, while the rare Taita falcon keeps watch from the skies above.

    God’s Window
    While South Africa and the Drakensberg in particular are filled with natural beauty and splendour, it is one part of this area that really is more spellbinding than any other. An area so vast and made up of beauty so defined that it can only be closely compared to the beauty that God saw when he created the world. It’s fitting then that this region is called “God’s Window.” The panoramic view from this magnificent area is filled with canyons, rock formations and waterfalls, all enveloped in a verdant valley. Viewpoints are scattered all along the length of the Blyde River Canyon and it’s said that on a clear day you can see as far as the coastline of Mozambique. God’s Window is part of a 250 kilometre stretch of sheer cliffs which drop 600m down into the Lowveld which means while you’re high up enjoying the view, you’re not only enjoying crisp, clean air, but also a place preferred by the Gods.

    Day 2 – Kruger National Park, Timbavati Lodge to Kruger National Park ±95 km
    This morning we pack up and head towards the world famous Kruger National Park and immediately begin our first game drive in our truck. Truly the flagship of the South African national parks, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals. We will spend the day driving through the park in our truck, which gives us an elevated view and increases our chance to spot the animals.
    Accommodation:Camp: Nkambeni Reserve
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet, Drinkable Water, Shop & Shared Ablutions
    Included Highlight:Afternoon game drive in Overland truck
    Optional Activity:Evening Game Drive – Nkambeni Reserve

    Kruger National Park
    The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa and attracts over half a million tourists every year. Experience the thrill of being on safari, observing the big five as well as zebras, giraffe and rhinos and be inspired by an authentically African atmosphere. Kick back and relax while exploring the park with Tours; you’ll have the time of your life and a Kruger experience you couldn’t have imagined possible. The Kruger National Park spans across two provinces in South Africa, Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province, and you can reach Kruger within eight hours of driving from Johannesburg. Kruger is larger than some small countries in Europe, it is larger than the Serengeti National Park and is just less than two million hectares of conservation area. Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s most sought after safari and tourist destinations and is one of the world’s most diverse and abundant nature and game reserves. Kruger was established in 1898 by Paul Kruger to protect the wildlife in the area from being hunted to extinction. It was this foresight that ensured the existence of many of the species that exist only in Kruger National Park. Tours goes out of our way to offer you the Kruger experience of a lifetime. As we take you on a Southern African adventure, you’ll explore the most glorious parts of South Africa, the best of the Kruger National Park and submerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and diverse cultures that this country presents.

    Day 3 – Kruger National Park
    We will make the most of our day travelling through the Kruger National Park in search of wildlife. Today you have the opportunity of experience Kruger in an optional open 4×4 safari vehicle.
    Meals: Breakfast/Dinner
    Accommodation:Camp: Nkambeni Reserve
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet, Drinkable Water, Shop & Shared Ablutions
    Activity Package:Full day 4×4 Game Drive
    Optional Activity:Morning Bush Walk – Nkambeni Reserve

    Day 4 – Swaziland, Kruger NP to Swaziland ±310 km
    We wake up early to enjoy our final game drive through the Kruger National Park, before heading across the border into Swaziland. At over 30000 hectares Hlane is Swaziland’s largest protected area. Originally the private hunting area of the Swazi Royal family the area is now held in a trust and managed by Big Game Parks. As the lions are housed in a fenced enclosure it is possible to hike inside the park.
    Accommodation:Camp: Hlane
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Restaurant & Shared Ablutions
    Optional Activity:Guided Mountain Bike trail (2hrs), Sunset/Sunrise Game Drive in Hlane Royal National Park, Guided Game Walk in Hlane Royal National Park

    Day 5 – Swaziland – Bilene, Swaziland to Bilene ±300 km
    Today we cross into Mozambique. Travelling north you can’t help but be captivated by the beautiful coastal scenery before arriving in Bilene. Located on a lagoon, you will have the opportunity to take a swim or stroll along the lagoon beach.
    Accommodation:Camp: Palmeiras
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Bar & Shared Ablutions

    Day 6 – Inhambane, Bilene to Inhambane ±360 km
    Departing early, we say farewell to Bilene and travel further north through coconut plantations to the old Portuguese settlement of Inhambane. This coastal region is very relaxing and boasts incredible beaches. We spend the next two nights in our accommodation right at the beach.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Palm Grove Lodge
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar & Internet

    Day 7 – Inhambane
    You have the entire day at your own leisure, to participate in one of many activities available here.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Palm Grove Lodge
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar & Internet
    Optional Activity: Inhambane Snorkelling

    Day 8 – Vilanculos, Inhambane to Vilanculos ±300 km
    Bazaruto Island is Mozambique’s premier destination and it’s not hard to understand why. A protected area, the sea-life here is spectacular and snorkeling at one of the reefs is one of the best ways to enjoy it.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Smugglers
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Laundry & Shop

    Day 9 – Bazaruto Excursion
    The Bazaruto is one of Southern Africa’s largest marine parks and we will spend the day exploring the area where you will have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and explore the island. We depart from Vilanculos in the morning on a speedboat and will head to 2 Mile Reef for some snorkelling followed by lunch on Bazaruto. After lunch, we will head back to the mainland, arriving in the early afternoon. You will have a short time to freshen up before heading out on a sunset cruise on the traditional sailing vessel of the African East Coast, the Dhow. In the event of high tide in the morning, you will first go to Bazaruto, followed by 2 Mile Reef and lunch will be enjoyed on the Benguera island, followed by the dhow sunset cruise in the evening.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Smugglers
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Activity Package: Bazaruto Day Trip

    Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
    Mozambique is a world renowned destination for beach lovers, water sport enthusiasts and marine wildlife lovers, there are a multitude of islands and kilometres of sandy beaches to explore. Bazaruto island is without doubt one of the most well-known and sought after among travellers to the region. The sandy island is located 80km south east of the mouth of the Save River, it is the largest in the Bazaruto archipelago and is part of the Bazaruto reserve. Bazaruto travel suits all types of people, and on tours you are guaranteed to meet all types of people, this is one of the highlights of all of our tours you’ll make friends that you keep forever while creating memories that will last you a lifetime. The Bazaruto adventure is taken over two days and we will be getting to the island via a small traditional sailing boat. The Bazaruto tours excursion will include a pelagic sightseeing trip taking in one of the dhows that populate the waters around the islands. Accommodation will be in a B&B unless you are taking part in the camping tour in which case there will be tented accommodation on the beach. The spectacular scenery will provide you with photo opportunities that you may never have again and provide you with memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

    Day 10 – Praia do Tofo – Inhambane, Vilanculos to Inhambane ±300 km
    In season Tofo is one of the world’s best sites for the viewing of the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark. Historically a small coastal fishing village, Tofo has grown into a foreign tourism centre. This evening you will have the opportunity to partake in a presentation by the Marine Megafauna Foundation, which was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the large populations of marine megafauna found along the Mozambican coastline. “Megafauna” are large marine species such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Palm Grove Lodge
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet & Shared Ablutions
    Activity Package:Whale Shark Educational Evening Talk

    Day 11 – Praia do Tofo
    This entire day is free so that you can go scuba diving, participate in the ocean safari or just relax on the beautiful white sandy beach.
    Accommodation:Two Per Room: Palm Grove Lodge
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool, Bar, Internet & Shared Ablutions
    Optional Activity:Quad Biking, Scuba Diving – Praia do Tofo, Ocean Safari – Snorkelling with Whale Sharks

    Day 12 – Maputo, Praia do Tofo to Maputo ±480 km
    We bid farewell to the sandy beaches of Tofo and head towards Maputo, known as Lourenco Marques before independence. Maputo is the capital & largest city of Mozambique, often described as Africa’s “Latin” city, is truly an African capital like no other. Tonight we will stay in this vibrant city and will enjoy a meal out together.
    Meals: Breakfast
    AccommodationTwo Per Room: Hotel Continental Maputo
    Facilities:En-suites Per Room, Hot Showers & Bar
    Optional Activity:Dinner Out Maputo

    Mozambique makes for the ideal island getaway boasting azure waters and pine tree lined streets. However, its capital and largest city, Maputo is the real lifeblood of the country. This is where the residents live apart from the sun-seeking, pina-colada-drinking tourists. That being said it offers a number of cultural and entertainment offerings for tourists – no visit to Mozambique’s relaxing shores would be complete without a visit to this bustling city. Also known as the City of Acacias due to its Acacia Tree lined avenues, Maputo is a port city and its harbour attributes to the country’s main economy. The buildings speak of a rich Portuguese heritage and are filled with Old Colonial touches. These can be seen predominantly in what has been described as the focal point of the city – the Praca de Independencia. Formerly known as “Lourenco Marques”, Maputo is proud of its Portuguese heritage and this is the predominant language in the area. It was most famous for the inscription “This is Portugal” in the walkway of its Municipal Building. Other notable landmarks include the Fortress of Maputo, the Cathedral of Maputo and the Hotel Polana. There are many beaches in close proximity to Maputo which makes the city within close walking distance to pick up a few supplies after a day of lazing on Praia da Macaneta or Ponto do Ouro. Some of the beaches, such as those found on Inhaca Island are only a short boat ride from the shore of Maputo. The harbour is the centre of the country’s economy which means you are bound to find the freshest produce available to fulfil your need for delectable seafood that Mozambique is most well known for. Spend the day exploring the streets during a tour to Maputo, or alternatively pop into one of the markets or shops – if you can tear yourself away from the perfect Mozambique beaches for long enough.

    Day 13 – Maputo – Graskop, Maputo to Graskop ±290 km
    This morning you will have the opportunity to participate in a tour through Maputo, taking you through the historical Baixa area, the magnificent CFM train station (which was featured in Leonardo Di Caprio’s Blood Diamond) and whose dome is designed by Gustav Eiffel, Independence Square, the old fort, the botanical gardens and the Maputo Cathedral. After the city tour, we depart Maputo and return to South Africa and overnight in the town of Graskop. En route, we will stop in Pilgrims Rest to explore this unique town. The entire town of Pilgrims Rest was declared a national monument in 1986 as a living memory of the early gold rush days in South Africa.
    Accommodation:Camp: Summit Lodge
    Facilities:Hot Showers, Swimming Pool & Bar
    Activity Package:Maputo City Tour – Half day

    Day 14 – Johannesburg, Graskop to Johannesburg ±390 km
    Our final day of our tour, we will head back towards the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg. The tour ends on arrival in Johannesburg and most clients will ge tto enjoy a final meal together.
    Accommodation:Own Arrangements / Post tour accommodation can be booked through us
    Optional Activity:Dinner Out Johannesburg


    Activity Package:
    This is an optional payment that covers what we consider to be ‘essential activities’ on our tours. Ideally we would include all of these, but not everyone can afford this. This payment is 100% transparent and is listed below. The Activity Package can be pre-purchased prior to your arrival or through your guide on day 1 of your tour.

    Activity Country Price
    Full day 4×4 Game Drive Kruger National Park South Africa ZAR 750
    Bazaruto Day Trip Mozambique ZAR1500
    Total (AP Price) ZAR2250


    This itinerary has been written with the Activity Package items included. If you wish to participate in all the activities listed, you will need to purchase the Activity Package.



    There are more optional activities being created every day – we have listed only the most popular. If there is something specific you would like to do then speak to your guide as they will be able to assist you if possible.

    Activity Country Price
    Evening Game Drive – Nkambeni Reserve in open 4×4 South Africa From ZAR 760 to ZAR 800
    Morning Bush Walk – Nkambeni Reserve South Africa From ZAR420 to ZAR500
    Evening Game Drive – Nkambeni Reserve South Africa From ZAR 760 to ZAR 820
    Sunrise Game Drive in Hlane Royal National Park Swaziland From ZAR 335 to ZAR 350
    Dinner Out Maputo Mozambique From ZAR100 to ZAR200
    Inhambane Snorkelling Mozambique From MZN650 to MZN750
    Ocean Safari – Snorkelling with Whale Sharks Mozambique From MZN1500 to MZN1800
    Dinner Out Johannesburg South Africa From ZAR80 to ZAR150


    What’s included

    • Meals as indicated on the itinerary
    • accommodation,
    • registered guides
    • transport.
    • We also include some of the highlights. These highlights are listed above in the day-by-day descriptions as “included highlights”.

    What’s excluded

    • All items of a personal nature,
    • alcohol, soft drinks,bottled water,
    • snacks,
    • souvenirs,
    • tips,
    • activity package and optional activities (see list for an indication of prices).



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