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Why go to Namibia

Namibia has endless horizons and huge untamed wilderness areas. It has the oldest desert in the world, a magnificent coastline and one of the greatest game parks. Namibia has an incredible infrastructure and excellent roads which make even the most remote areas accessible. It has red-ochre covered Himba and the Herero with their Victorian head dresses, it has the colorful Nama and the great fisherman of the Caprivi, the Ovambo. This is a land that can only inspire.



Where to go in Namibia 

Namib Naukluft Park

This is the oldest desert in the world and with its massive red dunes, it is the most recognizable. This is home to the Oryx, the side winder and the golden mole that swims below the sands. The Namib is has the worlds oldest living plant the Welwitschia. The Sesriem Canyon is here too as is the eerie landscape of Sossusvlei. The gates open at dawn and it is well worth it to be there as the gates open and see the changing colors of the dunes as the sun rises.

Fish River Canyon

After the Grand Canyon, this is the second largest canyon in the world. There is a wonderful lookout on the canyon rim where you can enjoy sundowners as you watch the son sink below the horizon and bathe this spectacular natural formation in pinks and golds.

Etosha National Park

Etosha means the Great White Place and it gets its name from a deep inland lake that existed here and where now this great depression is covered in a white clay. Etosha has incredible waterholes where the animals migrate and the game viewing is excellent. Each of the three camps has a floodlit waterhole for 24 hour game viewing.


This is one of Namibia’s secret gems. Visit the Organ pipes and Burnt Mountain. The awe inspiring Spitzkoppe where you can see the bridge, the golden snake and San paintings. There are more spectacular rock paintings at Brandberg, where the famous White lady is situated. There is the Petrified Forest and the biggest Art gallery in the world at Twyfelfontein, where Rock paintings and engravings are open to the sky.  Keep your eyes open for the Damara Elephants.



When to go to Namibia

The climate in Namibia is awesome, with sunshine all year round. One can expect freezing conditions at night, especially in the desert areas in Winter. Day time temperatures average between 25 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) around Summer and Winter.

Etosha’s best season is Winter (May – September) as the weather is cooler and the vegetation more sparse, so game is more easily spotted. Summer also has its bonuses as although the heat is greater, there are thousands of water birds and thousands of migratory animals that flock to the feeding grounds around Okaukuejo.

Along the Skeleton Coast and around Swakopmund, the temperature varies greatly due to the Cold Benguela Current that passes in the Atlantic. Cool, damp nights are to be expected and vary often there is an early morning fog.

For updated weather forecasts across Africa, please visit .

Most Popular Tours In Namibia

24 Days Cape Town via Victoria Falls to Johannesburg Accommodated Adventure Safari

24 days
With newfound peace, and a fast growing economy recently reopened to tourism, Mozambique offers the explorer a wealth of treasures in the form of untouched wilderness areas, natural beauty, deserted beaches, and unique cultural heritage. This tour combines the well-known attractions of Kruger and Zululand - where animals abound, living in their natural environment, and a Swaziland Game Park. The tour will also visit natural and cultural attractions, and will spend time at deserted Indian Ocean beaches. We also visit the capital Maputo, where we experience the almost Latino culture, and enjoy the city.
  • Duration: 24 Days
  • Starts: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ends:Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Group Size: Max 12
  • Rates: 2017 Rate from EUR 2,295 pps & 2018 rate from EUR 3,495 pps
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2017 Rate from EUR 2,295 pps & 2018 rate from EUR 3,495 pps

17 Days Namibia Wild Accommodated Adventure Safari

17 Days
Namibia - the land of unrelenting sun, where the ground appears to beg the heavens for rain and the vast landscapes stretch uninterrupted for hundreds of kilometres without signs of Man’s intervention. Living Deserts where one gazes in wonder and amazement at the displays of changing natural colours, and at the animals and plants that somehow survive in this seemingly harsh environment. This tour covers all of the popular highlights but also includes many “off the beaten track” destinations seldom visited by mainstream tourism.
  • Duration: 17 Days
  • Starts: Windhoek, Namibia
  • Ends:Windhoek, Namibia
  • Group Size: Max 12
  • Rates: 2017 Rate from EUR 1,795 & 2018 Rate from EUR 2,995 pps
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2017 Rate from EUR 1,795 & 2018 Rate from EUR 2,995 pps

13 Day Cape Town to Windhoek Camping Adventure

13 days
Your journey begins at Africa’s Southern gateway. Gaze at the spectacle that greeted the early explorers, as Table Mountain appears to rise from the sea – a stunning setting for a very special city. Explore the ghostly deserts of Namibia, nothing but endless horizons and vast expanses of night stars. Go where giant sand dunes merge with the Atlantic Ocean. Go on safari in Etosha, “the Great White Place”, where the fireside tales will be of lion, rhino, elephant and much more.
  • Starts:Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ends:Windhoek, Namibia
  • Group Size: Max 30
  • Local Payment:2017 Rate USD 240 & 2018 Rate USD 290
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2017 Rates - Camping: ZAR 10,395 per person and USD 240 Local Payment payable to the guide in cash & 2018 Rates - Camping: ZAR 10,700 per person and USD 290 Local Payment payable to the guide in cash

56 Day Cape Town to Nairobi Overland Tour

8 weeks
The most spectacular sceneries, wildlife and cultures that Africa has to offer! Experience the absolute top highlights on this 56 day journey of a lifetime.
  • Starts: Cape Town
  • Ends:Nairobi
  • Group Size: Max 18
  • Local Payment:N/A
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2017 Rates from ZAR 66,150 pps and Activity Package ZAR 28,320 pp and Gorilla Permit from USD 630 - 730. 2018 Rate from ZAR 87,340 pps and  Active Package ZAR 42,260 pp

56 Day Eastern & Southern Africa Budget Camping Adventure

9 Weeks
Every highlight imaginable from Naiorbi thourgh to Cape Town. Gorilla trekking, Serengeti, Zanzibar, Vic Falls, Chobe and the Okavango Delta, the Namib and beautiful Cape Town.
  • Starts: Nairobi
  • Ends: Cape-Town
  • Group Size: Max 30
  • Local Payment: 2017 Rate USD 1,470 pps & 2018 Rate USD 2,190 pps
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2017 Rate from ZAR 41,900 pps and USD 1,670 Local payment and from USD 2184 pp Gorilla trekking permit. 2018 Rates from ZAR 46,700 pps and USD 2,190 Local Payment and Gorilla Trekking Permit (Optional) From USD 720 - USD 780

10 Days Namibia Family Camping Safari Adventure

1 Week +
The 10 day Family Adventure is a safari that has been specially designed for families with small children. The minimum age on this itinerary is 5 years and there is a discounted price for all children 12 years and under. We have tried to keep the driving distances down to a minimum, (not easy in a huge country like Namibia and there are still a few long drives), and we have tried to include as many sites as possible that will appeal to Adults and children alike.
  • Starts:Windhoek
  • Ends:Windhoek
  • Group Size: Min 2 Max 14
  • Local Payment: N/A
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From N$23,400 or EU €1,486pps and N$12,960 or EU €823 for children 12 years and under (min 5 yrs old)