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Luxury Tanzania Safari

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Had excellent flights home with a two day stop over in Paris. No delays or missed flights.!Just recovering from jet lag.Will complete the survey shortly. Thank you for organising this wonderful vacation.Val and i must say that with Titus as our driver and guide for the Safari we lucked out with what must have been one of best guides available. Truly a fantastic and dedicated person. He made the Safari portion of our vacation one to always remember.Thank you again  ( and Carrie) for the organisation of the vacation.

With Best Regards Ed and Val Godman Now renamed as Babu and Bibi.

P.S Thanks also for the several gifts that were waiting for us.Teas, Coffee, and gift basket etc

Everything has exceeded our expectations

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Hi Gelle, 

We want to thank you so much for organizing such an incredible experience for us. We are having a fantastic time!! Everything has exceeded our expectations.Thank you also for the lovely gifts. We love them and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I’ll send some photos later in the trip.I hope you had a nice Christmas

Best regards,The Godman family ( Dec 2018 Luxury Tanzania Safari )

Botswana Safari

Africa is truly beautiful. I leave a piece of my heart here each time

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Hi Gelle.
It’s been fab. I loved the Belmond eagle. Just loved the place.
But Selinda and Belmond were both fab with Belmond being my absolute favorite.
Game drives were very special too. Loved it.
Africa is truly beautiful. I leave a piece of my heart here each time.

Khadijah and Family ( March 2018 – Luxury Fly-in Botswana Safari )

Tanzania Private Family Safari- more than we had expected

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Hi Gelle, I just got back a couple of days ago, we had an incredible trip, the safari was more than we had expected. Our safari operator was great, our guide Enock was a super guy, great eye for spotting birds and animals, very patient and knew a lot. Accommodations and meals were great, great cooking. I can also report that every toilet we visited was spotless, except for one in a lonely picnic area that had been taken over by a band of baboons and you can imagine what it looked like.

Thanks for everything and we will look forward to a new African adventure, God willing, in a few years.


Antonieta and Family  ( Feb 2018)


Mozambique was amazing

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Hi Gelle,

Mozambique was amazing! The accommodation was so nice, and the package you organized for our honeymoon was perfect. Both Amy and I loved every second of our time there, thank you so much for organizing the trip for us. A special thanks for finding the honeymoon special and organizing the upgrade! The beach suite was so much better than I expected.

Kind regards,
Jadon ( Honeymoon Mozambique


It was so incredbly special and I will cherish the memories in my heart forever

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Hi Gelle,

Wow, we had the BEST time on Honeymoon! It was a complete surprise for me. Jadon even packed my bag. I only found out where we were going when we were about to board our international flight from Joburg to Vilankulo. The Bahia Mar was exceptional. We were pampered and made to feel like royalty. They went out of their way to ensure we had a memorable time from arranging boat trips to go snorkelling and exploring the local town on a tuk tuk. I cannot thank you enough for arranging everything. It was so incredbly special and I will cherish the memories in my heart forever.

See attached some photos 🙂

Kind regards,
Amy ( Honeymoon Mozambique Dec 2017 )

Thank you again for everything.  You’ve left us with an indelible impression.

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We can’t thank you enough for creating such a personalized and unforgettable experience for us.  From your selection of diverse game camps, culturally-rich accommodations, and guides that melded with us perfectly, you did a remarkable job of understanding our individual and collective interests and style.

We had exceptional guides in each game camp.  We had fun with Charlene who became a friend by the end of 4 days.  Active Africa’s biking operation was very well-organized, making even a novice cyclist like me feel very comfortable.  Dom was a fountain of information about the ecosystem of Cape Town.  We are so pleased the rescheduled hike was possible.  Djuma gave us a glimpse into an aspect of Cape Town life he was uniquely capable of offering.  He made us comfortable in places we could never have ventured alone.

Pot Luck was delicious fun.  Lynn and I were seated just across from the sous-chef shouting orders to the cooks.  We heard some didn’t like that table, but we thought it was perfect.  The sous-chef came out to talk with us when she recognized we were enjoying the show.

Leeu Estates was perhaps the most comfortable of accommodations and such a beautiful property.  Lynn took full advantage of the spa in lieu of a half-day of cycling and loved it.  The manager looked after us very well.  Our dinner there was the only disappointment.

Mary inquired at each restaurant about use of soy, given her intolerance.  Two places gave her a problem:  Leeu and Creation, despite assurances.  Leeu more seriously than Creation.  The camps were all very accommodating, no issues at any.

The views from the Silo were superb. Cape Grace was a good place to end our adventure, giving us an opportunity to see the waterfront.  They offered shower rooms so we could clean up before our long flight home.  Nothing could out-do the Ellerman, however.  I’m happy we had two nights there.

I’m so glad we had a chance to meet you at Vergelegen.  Thank you again for everything.  You’ve left us with an indelible impression.


Linda    (  USA )

Luxury Kruger , Zambia , Botswana and Cape Town Africa Vacation  Oct 2017

You orchestrated a magnificent itinerary for us, providing luxury, adventure, diverse activities and venues.

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Hello Gelle!!! I apologize for being slow in responding and in thanking you. I returned home to a rather hectic week after being gone for so long.

I feel very fortunate indeed to have participated in the Linda/Lynn/Mary Beth African Adventure. I considered my last visit to that part of the world, 17 years ago, to be one of my very favorite trips and can scarcely believe my good fortune in being able to visit southern Africa again. You orchestrated a magnificent itinerary for us, providing luxury, adventure, diverse activities and venues. In every way this trip exceeded my expectations and also my previous experiences. The camps were even more vibrant and certainly more luxurious. The animals were closer to us than in any of my previous viewings. (It is clear that the descendants of the animals that I encountered have become even more adapted to photo taking visitors in Land Rovers)! The cuisine was significantly more delightful and elegant, though we three were always so pleased to partake of any dishes that were unique to us and representative of the region. The accommodations were fabulous, often elegant and yet equally appealing to me when we were within nature on our own island at Sandebezi. The staff at each location was gracious, attentive and knowledgeable. I find myself thinking of them all with such fond memories.

It was a particular highlight for me that we could finally meet you in person over lunch. You are as delightful as I imagined!!

You specifically inquired about the Cape Town and beyond experiences. We found the area of Hermanus so beautiful and relaxing. What a stellar location. Our time at Leeu Estates was relaxing. The staff was quite gracious and the accommodations were divine. I absolutely loved our cycling day through the countryside. Cameron and Eckhardt created a wonderful experience, pausing to savor delights and also explaining nature and our surroundings. They left me with a very favorable opinion of their company. Charlene took wonderful care of us and was a complete pleasure to be with no matter what our agenda included. We felt so grateful to you and to Dominic that our hike was rescheduled. It could not have been more perfect weather and visibility and he was fun and charming. I was very glad for the opportunity to walk through the Woodstock area within Cape Town with the assurance of Juma leading us through the neighborhood. It seemed he knew everyone that passed by…sort of the unofficial mayor! We would never have had that experience on our own, or with Charlene. Juma brought a completely unique perspective.

It is always difficult to speak of favorite selections within such an amazing list of venues, yet there are some that I want to mention to you because I know it is helpful in your business.

Everything and everyone at Sweni Lodge was exemplary and completely amazing. Daniel, Logic, Walter, Howard, Sirtana (?) and the chefs were all just the best! I would recommend that location to anyone!

For a unique and more rustic experience Sindabezi cannot be beat. Seeing their Trust School for the children and their sustainable garden was such a bonus, and seeing Victoria Falls from the Zambia side was much more thrilling!

Wilderness Safaris is a company that I applaud for their emphasis on eco-tourism and supporting the local communities. I had visited their locations in my trip 17 years ago and I would say that they have just continued to improve. Our guide Go was just exceptional in every way and I smile each time I look at the beautiful baskets that the lovely women within Vumbura Plains created with their hard working hands.

The Ellerman House was the most impressive location within the Cape Town region for me. They provide the very height of elegance and yet each and every staff member clearly wants their guests to feel like family. I was pleased in every way, service, room, views, staff, art and definitely cusine!

And, as stated before, Active Africa was great.


I also want to assure you that although I did have two rough nights with food related issues, I do not hold anyone accountable for that. It can be very difficult in the kitchen to determine where that sneaky soybean is hiding!


Thank you again Gelle!  I hope that our paths may cross again.


Mary Beth  ( October 2017 )

Luxury Kruger , Zambia , Botswana and Cape Town Adventure


Kenya and Gorillas Adventure -Masai Mara was incredible and the Gorilla experience outstanding

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Good morning,

I have finished the tour and i had a wonderful time !  Massai Mara park was incredible and we were incredibly lucky , we saw a lioness take down a wilderbeest, and the Gorila experience was outstanding ! We had a juvenile silver back barreled thru our group and send two of us flying thru the air, it doesn’t get much closer an encounter than that !!

And dont get me stated on the white water rafting experience on the Nile River where i almost died (but since i didn’t, ill do it all over again! !!).

This tour was the experience i was hoping for, thank you very much.

My Regards


Maria  ( USA August 2017 )

Johannesburg to Vic Falls Accommodated adventure

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It was fantastic, Drifters is amazing! Parents were super happy. If you send me a link, I am happy to write you and drifters a review!


Defs coming back to Africa! 🙂


Rucha  and family  ( Austalia )

May 2017