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Kenya and Gorillas Adventure -Masai Mara was incredible and the Gorilla experience outstanding

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Good morning,

I have finished the tour and i had a wonderful time !  Massai Mara park was incredible and we were incredibly lucky , we saw a lioness take down a wilderbeest, and the Gorila experience was outstanding ! We had a juvenile silver back barreled thru our group and send two of us flying thru the air, it doesn’t get much closer an encounter than that !!

And dont get me stated on the white water rafting experience on the Nile River where i almost died (but since i didn’t, ill do it all over again! !!).

This tour was the experience i was hoping for, thank you very much.

My Regards


Maria  ( USA August 2017 )

Table Mountain update 1 October 2017 . New Queuing System

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New Queuing system at the Lower Station
As of November 2017 the queuing system at the Lower Station will change. There will still be two queues at the Lower Station, one for Ticket Holders’ (i.e. those who have purchased online tickets) and one for visitors who need to purchase at the Ticket Office.

New queuing system: Visitors who purchase tickets at the Ticket Office must now join the Ticket Holders’ queue first before accessing the ramp queue for the lifts (i.e. they will no longer be able to join the ramp queue once they have purchased tickets at the Ticket Office as had been the practice). This new system ensures that online ticket holders are given preference when accessing the cable cars. You are, therefore, advised to purchase tickets online for your guests.
Reminder of annual
Cableway rates increase
Our annual rates increase takes place on 1 October 2017. In order to spread demand throughout the day we are introducing morning and afternoon tickets for the Tour Operator Ticketing portal as well.

Our 2017/18 rates (valid from 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018) are:

Ticket office and public online ticket for 2017/18 rates:

Morning Peak (8am – 1pm)

Adult return R290
Child return R140
Afternoon (1pm onwards)
Adult return R275
Child return R135

Please note that Morning Peak tickets can be used throughout the day. Afternoon tickets can only be used in the afternoons.
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