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Kids having fun

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Another brilliant day at the Heldeberg Nature Reserve . A Big thank you to those that helped us make this day happen !

The kids had a ball !

Mamma Lydia

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Many years ago Lydia, an ordinary mother, was confronted in a way that changed her life forever. A baby girl was left to die in a burning shack when someone heard her cries and rescued her. Lydia took in the rescued infant and continued to look after her.

Word got out about her… people said she had a big heart.  Soon afterwards more children arrived on her doorstep, and Lydia heeded her calling.

She now looks after various children all with different circumstances and with their own story.  Some children simply need a safe place to stay while their parents were at work, others are abandoned and need a more permanent home and family life; some have been abused and need love and security that she offers.

From new born babies to teenagers, they are all hungry, yearn for love and kindness, and Lydia takes them all in, even if there is barely enough for her own children.

This is how many South African foster homes get started. By poor women with tremendous hearts, great strength of character, and the will do the right thing and by not turning away any of these unloved abandoned abused children and babies.

Because of their own poverty they struggle to provide enough clothing, food, medicine, adequate space, and even education to those now in their care. It is a gruelling, full-time job.

But basic care is not enough. While these heroic women have tremendous hearts and abundant energy, they often lack the skill set to fundraise, market, and deal with all the emotional hurt of these children. This is where Joya Homes has joined hands with Lydia; to assist her by offering these services to help improve the quality of their lives.

We commend Lydia and other “Lydias” in South Africa.

Thank you for choosing to book your Africa Safari through us . By booking through us a % of your booking goes towards the care of these special children .

Tipping on your Africa Safari

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Tipping is a personal choice and how much to tip is too, but one must remember that tourism in Africa is very demanding and the seen, as well as the unseen staff, work extremely hard to make your safari as seemingly perfect as we are sure it will be. In Africa the norm is a 10% tip and for exceptional service you can tip more. There is obviously a huge difference between the luxury and the budget safaris. Please see basic guidelines below.

Overland and Budget Camping Safari Tipping:

On an overland, the crew will be on call for 24 hours a day for the duration of your trip. As well as making sure that things run smoothly on a day to day basis, they also have a huge amount of work behind the scenes especially at border crossings and in major towns where the trucks and vehicles are checked and major shopping is done for the next days. Accounts and pre planning and very often bookings are made along the road too.

The group normally gets together as a whole and makes a kitty which can then be split amongst the crew. We do suggest a minimum of US$ 5 – 10 per crew member per day per couple travelling. We do understand that the long trips of 42 days or more means that this could add up considerably. Please use your discretion and bare in mind the long hours that these vrew have dedicated to you.

Luxury Safari tipping:

This is a guideline for tipping . Gratuity is not obligatory; however it is customary throughout Africa. We recommend tipping be done directly or through a staff tip-box, whichever you feel more comfortable with. It is helpful to have a small supply of low-denomination notes handy. Herewith brief guideline to assist you:

  • Transfers – US$2 per person
  • Restaurants – 10% for good service, up to 15% for exceptional service
  • Game Lodge Staff – US$ 10 – 15 per couple per day
  • Rangers/ trackers – US$ 15 – 20 per couple per day
  • Butler – USD$15  – per couple per day