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Why go to Mozambique

Mozambique is one of those beautiful island paradises that one only believes exists in your mind. There are endless beaches and old world charm. The people are amazing, the beaches endless, fishing is out of this world and the seafood is abundant. The islands are phenomenal and the traditional dhows and slow paced lifestyle make this a destination that should be on the top of your bucket list.Mozambique boasts some of the best diving and snorkelling sites in Africa, many of them only recently discovered. There are miles of colourful, untouched coral and a multitude of tropical fish species. Dive sites range from six metre beginner spots to vast coral walls for advanced divers to explore.



Where to go in Mozambique 

Bazaruto Archipelago

These is a group of 5 islands in the Mozambique channel that became a national marine park in 1971. This also includes the surrounding coral reefs and this is the largest Marine Park in the Indian Ocean. Over and above the most beautiful coral reefs there are whales and dolphins and incredible fish and the last of the dugongs on the African coast. On the two main islands, Bazaruto and Benquera there are lakes that host pelicans and otters and flamingoes.


The capital has cathedrals and museums, markets and botanical gardens, the port and the famous peri peri prawns.

Dhow Cruise

The traditional sailing boats of the region will take you on a magical journey to view, secluded beaches, river mouths and mangrove forests. There are birds and fish and an abundance of marine biodiversity.

Whale Sharks

Tofo is known as the hotspot for diving in Mozambique and although the coral reefs are more abundant in other areas, in season the Manta Rays, Humpback Whales and the Whale Sharks more than compensate.

Inhaca Island

A few minutes by boat from Maputo, this island houses some of the rarest fauna and flora in the word. The island only has a few hundred inhabitants and they are all dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of this paradise. At low tide it is also possible to walk to Portuguese Island, which is only, white sandy beaches surrounded by blue seas.


The Quirimba Archipelago is made up of 32 coral islands just off the coast of northern Mozambique.Pristine and largely unknown, these islands are visited by only a handful of guests.There are butterflies, tropical flowers, monkeys and birds. Apart from the local fisherman paddling in dug-out canoes there are no people anywhere to be seen.

The turquoise waters are rich with coral and fish, so it’s not surprising there is a marine sanctuary here. Ribbon eels, spotted sweetlips and yellow-banded snappers are some of the 375 fish species you might see. There are green and hawksbill turtles, humpback whales and the rare dugong.Quirimba is a place to be visited soon, before it is discovered by the rest of the world.

Ibo Island and Ilha de Mozambique

 Are undoubtedly the jewels in Mozambique’s cultural crown. Both have an evocative collection of colonial ruins that is slowly being brought back to life. Dig below the surface and you will also find much of interest in Pemba, Vilanculos and the small communities living on the Bazaruto and Quirimba islands.




When to go to Mozambique

Mozambique has a beautiful tropical climate with awesome temperatures almost all year round. It does have a rainy season from December through to March and in many cases cyclones over December and January. April . May , June , July , August , September are fabulous months for travel in Mozambique. From October to March you can expect hot and humid weather ..sometimes a little uncomfortable . You will find that this time of the year you will be spending most of your time at the swimming pool or in the sea cooling off .

For updated weather forecasts across Africa, please visit .

Most Popular Tours In Mozambique

14 Day Mozambique & Kruger Camping Safari

2 Weeks
This Mozambique tour is a perfect combination of a bush and beach experience, from the Big 5 in Kruger Park and Swaziland to the tropical waters of Bazaruto Island and Tofo!
  • Starts: Johannesburg
  • Ends: Johannesburg
  • Group Size: Max 18
  • Local Payment: N/A
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2017 Rate from ZAR 14,450 pps and Activity Package ZAR 2,250 pp. 2018 Rate from ZAR 18,350 pps and Activity Package ZAR 3,600 pp

16 Day Southern Highlights Tour

16 days
We make sure to include known highlights like Kruger Park and Victoria Falls but also venture to places seldom visited, often way off of the beaten track. We explore the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and meet the Swazi people of this tiny Kingdom. We enjoy game walks and we relax on the beaches of Mozambique. With a multitude of wildlife experiences in South Africa and Zimbabwe this tour brings new excitement with each day
  • Duration: 16 Days
  • Starts:Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ends:Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • Group Size: Max 16
  • Rates: From EUR 2,095.00 pps
  • Single Supplement:EUR 250.00
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From EUR 2,095.00

14 Days Budget Accommodated Kruger, Swaziland & Mozambique Beach & Bush Safari

14 Days
From breath taking mountain vistas to azure seas; from flagship Kruger National Park to colourful crafts and cultures, this tour takes in the absolute best of southern most Africa. Visit three countries in two weeks - South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, in an exciting blend of bush, beach, culture, craft, food and visual feasts!
  • Starts:Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ends:Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Group Size: Max 2
  • Local Payment:N/A
Book Now!
2017 Rate: Accommodated ZAR 20,450 / Single supplement ZAR 2,590. 2018 Rate: ZAR 27,950 / Single Supplement ZAR 4,550

8 Day Thanda & Mozambique Safari

8 days
An ideal bush & beach combination, offering two unique luxury experiences with extremely easy access between the two.
  • Starts: Johannesburg
  • Ends:Johannesburg
  • Group Size: Min 2
  • Local Payment:N/A
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6 Day Mozambique Fly-In Pearl Accommodated Safari

- 1 week
White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli, offers the ultimate in beach luxury in Africa. Experience elegant simplicity at this exclusive beach resort set in the dunes of the untouched shores of southern Mozambique. On a magnificent stretch of coastline, tucked behind Casuarina trees, experience a place so beautiful and so pure, quite unlike any other in all of Mozambique.
  • Starts:Maputo
  • Ends:Maputo
  • Group Size: Min 2
  • Local Payment: N/A
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From USD 3 570 pps (please note that price varies per month of travel & excludes flights in & out of Maputo)

8 Days Mozambique Mobile Island Hopping Safari

1 week +
Under the expert leadership of a pro guide and a local crew, this tour takes you to uninhabited islands. Traditional sailing boats have been motorised and modernised to resemble luxury yachts which can cruise the Quirimbas effortlessly, docking at remote islands while guests jump off to snorkel or kayak. Discover wide coastal river mouths with red listed bird species and pristine mangrove forests throughout the Archipelago region.
  • Starts:Pemba
  • Ends:Pemba
  • Group Size: Min 4
  • Local Payment: N/A
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From USD 2,195 pps and Transfer From USD 455 pp (please note that price varies per month of travel & size of group)