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Kenya and Gorillas Adventure -Masai Mara was incredible and the Gorilla experience outstanding

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Good morning, I have finished the tour and i had a wonderful time !  Massai Mara park was incredible and we were incredibly lucky , we saw a lioness take down a wilderbeest, and the Gorila experience was outstanding ! We had a juvenile silver back barreled thru our group and send...

Johannesburg to Vic Falls Accommodated adventure

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HEY!!   It was fantastic, Drifters is amazing! Parents were super happy. If you send me a link, I am happy to write you and drifters a review!   Defs coming back to Africa! 🙂   Rucha  and family  ( Austalia ) May 2017
Kruger Safari

It was such a great trip

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Hello Gelle, Everything went very smoothly in every respect. There was only one glitch, and I did not mention it in my very positive review of your services. Despite your reminding me, I neglected to mention the name of your company in my review. Sorry about that. But everything...

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West Coast South Africa

West Coast Family Getaway

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West Coast – Family Getaway: Last year, my husband and I, decided to first spend time together alone with our 2 children, before we joined the rest of our family for the festive season. Coming from Johannesburg, we spend alot of time in our cars with traffic, and live in...

Quirimbas Mozambique and Dhow Safari

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The Quirimbas in Mozambique is a incredible destination and experience . Imagine sailing from one island to the next in a dhow ….thats what we did ! Let us know if this is the type of experience you are looking for . We will glaldy help you plan your Mozambique Dhow safari .

Luxury Botswana and Vic Falls fly in safari

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Botswana is your ultimate wildlife viewing destination in Southern Africa . I had the opportunity to experience the Okavango Delta , Chobe National Park and Moremi in May this year . From Maun Airport we flew via light aircraft to Le Roo Le Tau .We had a fantastic time at Leroo...

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Table Mountain update 1 October 2017 . New Queuing System

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New Queuing system at the Lower Station As of November 2017 the queuing system at the Lower Station will change. There will still be two queues at the Lower Station, one for Ticket Holders’ (i.e. those who have purchased online tickets) and one for visitors who need to purchase...

What you need to know about passports , visas and medical requirements for travel in Africa

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One of the more serious aspects of international travel is what you need to know about your passport, visa(s) and medical requirements. It’s serious information because if any of your documents are not in order, it can ruin your safari (or end it prematurely), and...

Tipping in Africa – how much should I tip ?

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Many travellers feel uneasy about tipping because they do not know the local custom or are afraid of giving offence. We would like to stress that this is a guideline for gratuities only. We firmly believe a gratuity is not obligatory or mandatory; they are, however, customarily...

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Lydia's Haven -How we Give Back

Kids having fun

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Another brilliant day at the Heldeberg Nature Reserve . A Big thank you to those that helped us make this day happen ! The kids had a ball !

Mamma Lydia

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Many years ago Lydia, an ordinary mother, was confronted in a way that changed her life forever. A baby girl was left to die in a burning shack when someone heard her cries and rescued her. Lydia took in the rescued infant and continued to look after her. Word got out about her…...

Wonderful day by all at the Heldeberg Nature Reserve

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Thanks to everyone who  contributed towards this special day ! The Kids at Mama Lydias Safe Haven had a wonderful time at the Heldeberg Nature Reserve . They each got a goody bag , lots of treats to eat and a present . We all had so much fun and looking forward to doing the same...